Share your skills, services, and interests with your colleagues!
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How does it work?

Benefit from a service offer from one of your colleagues, or respond to a specific request!

In case TIMEBANKPRO does not yet exist in your company, what about sharing this idea with your colleagues and ask your company to contact us!

You are a company

Boost knowledge sharing, find answers to specific questions/needs, create cohesion, well-being and commitment , by exchanges between employees
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Facilitate answering specific companies’ needs, expression and use of employees' talents, peer-to-peer training, mentoring, onbording, and cross-functionality.

Promote community spirit, cohesion, well-being and therefore commitment to your company.
As a company, you choose whether skills exchanged are only professional, or personal, or both!

Boost collective intelligence, creativity, and intrapreneurship.

Give your company the edge as of now with your own platform for service sharing!

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Your platform will be accessible from both a mobile phone and a computer

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